Travel Guidelines

These tips should help you plan and prepare for any trip.

If traveling outside Canada, ensure you have a travel letter from Oshawa CPAP Solutions. This was provided to you at the initiation of therapy. Customs may ask for proof of purchase.

If traveling by airplane remember to have a travel letter regardless if the flight is within Canada or outside the country. The letter is proof of ownership of a medical device and gains no charge carry-on status of the CPAP or APAP unit.

Do NOT check your CPAP/APAP unit!

  • Carry the unit on the plane with you in the carrying case. CPAP/APAP units are less likely to be damaged as a carryon opposed to checked luggage.
  • Be sure to pack the cord and all accessories.
  • CPAP units are medical devices and are accepted as carryon luggage at NO CHARGE
  • For convenience keep your travel letter with your CPAP travel bag.

All CPAP units can accept worldwide voltages and currents. When traveling to another country, ensure you have the correct plug attachment for the country.

Check your need for a power plug adapter by country.