CPAP Trial Process

We’ll work with you to determine the most effective CPAP therapy for you.

A CPAP trial is the best way to determine how well CPAP therapy works for you.   Our aim is to support you with the most effective and comfortable way to get a good night sleep.

Once  you have received your treatment plan from your Sleep  Physician, we will organize a CPAP therapy trial for you. During the initial consultation, we will fit you for the most appropriate equipment for your needs, including a mask, CPAP machine and a humidifier. Our experienced clinician will help you select the most suitable mask for your circumstance and condition. The initial visit takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

Weight loss in addition to CPAP therapy will further enhance the treatment of many of the health effects associated with previously untreated OSA. Examples include an improvement in Type II diabetes and high blood pressure.

We will fit you with the most appropriate equipment for your needs

During the trial we will provide you with on-going support as required either through office visits or over the phone. At the end of your trial we will have a good understanding as to how well CPAP therapy is working for you and can then make arrangements to buy a CPAP machine

Oshawa CPAP Solutions does not charge for CPAP trials. Once your trial is complete you will return your equipment. Arrangement will be made for the purchase of the prescribed equipment. Should you decline therapy there is no charge.